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For companies, designers, individuals:
Creative designs combined with 'on demand' prints

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Plan it yourself

In the shop 'menu' you can see exactly how much time the print for each product takes (including delivery to your address). So you can plan your own marketing actions.

Creative designs...

Choose one of our 3 design packs and you will receive your first design within 48-72h. We take care of all the technical shizzle. We also keep your hi-res files for at least 1 year.

... Delivery

As soon as you approve the design, we take care of printing and transport with sharp delivery times and online tracking.


Then book your free 15-minute call for any type of questions you might have.
Just do it!


Companies, designer, individuals ... everyone is welcome.

SME or larger?

Want to consciously do away with stocking and management of your marketing materials? Look no further, digital printing is the solution for small runs. Moreover, we ensure consistent branding for your company or product.


Then you can opt to start selling your patterns through MOTILOW platform, or you keep all rights and print and produce yourself through Marketing Shelfie. You keep all rights to your creations. Check here how to submit your files....

A creative DIY-er?

Then you can opt for one of the 15000 Motiflow cartridges.
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Select your product and choose your MOTIFLOW pattern during the ordering process.
You will then pay NO design fee.

Do you believe in our future?

Then join everyone else who is being more frugal with energy, with resources, with water.
At Marketing Shelfie you print digitally, and ONLY what you need. Join the tribe!

Search by sector or product category

Let's keep it simple!

Hospitality and Retail

Go for authenticity for your business

Get that cool "edge" that makes your business stand out among all the gray mice... We provide the creativity.

Municipality and Associations

Where people gather

Banners, banners, trellis banners ... anything you need for your event or election campaign.

Construction and Real Estate

Construction project spotlight

A range of communication tools specifically for the construction and real estate sector, from small to super-sized formats. We take care of consistent branding for your company.


Ready for the new normal?

Innovative ideas for the new way of working. From special acoustic & insulating panels to wall and floor decoration, for home and office.

Products in the spotlight


A quick look at our new products or bestsellers.

  • wallpaperOpRol4.jpg
    • In floor-to-ceiling strips or on rolls
    • Water-repellent and scratch-resistant
    • A unique solution for every project
    • With B1 certification
    • Printed & delivered within 96h after design approval (if ordered before 18h)
  • placematOne.jpegplacemat.jpeg
    • Available in different paper and fabric types. 
    • For protection of tables, indoors or outdoors
    • Printed & delivered within 24h after design approval (if ordered before 18h)
  • popLedFrame2.jpgpopLedFrame3.jpg
    • LED lighting for intense illumination of prints (one side is illuminated)
    • Robust (silver) aluminium frame in 85 x 200 cm format - single-sided print
    • Light and easy to transport
    • Order the complete set once, then simply replace the canvas!
    • Quick set-up without tools
    • Printed & delivered within 72h after design approval (if ordered before 18h)
  • restaurant-branding.jpegmenu3.jpeg
    • Create your own customised menus
    • Available in various paper types
    • Choose from A-format, square or DIN-long
    • Minimum quantity from 25* pieces
    • Printed & delivered within 24h after design approval (if ordered before 18h)


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