AcousticPro® dividers

  • Partition walls (large and small) personalised on both sides with a fully preassembled frame
  • Standing or rolling - in the size you want
  • Sound-insulating and -absorbing decorative solution for home office and office
  • Printed & delivered within 96h after design approval (if ordered before 18h)
If you would like to have your own design that does not fall within the design packs or if you cannot find your preference in the motiflow patterns, please send us an e-mail via this link and we will quickly provide you with a quote based on your specific request. See you soon!


AcousticPro® dividers make the perfect (work) space for your customers. A 'loud' interior has long reverberations, which can cause irritation and fatigue. With AcousticPro® dividers you create a quieter environment with sufficient privacy and you are now extra distinctive with a personalised print on both sides.

Moreover, this is an ecological hit, as the material is made from recycled jeans! Good for the environment and great for the ears!

For a personalised and functional interior. Pleasant acoustics contribute to productivity in the office. Partition a room with room dividers or screen off a workplace with a partition between desks (desk divider). Guests enjoy visiting a restaurant, museum or theatre that has been furnished with AcousticPro® room dividers. The sound stays in the screened room and is pleasantly muffled.

Standing or mobile, in any size. Choose from standing or mobile room dividers, up to a maximum size of 125 x 230 cm. The standing panels can be linked, allowing you to divide up an entire room. We will ensure that the room dividers fit together. You order the connecting pieces (straight, angled or T-shaped) yourself. We recommend a maximum size of 80 x 230 cm for desk dividers. There is space under the desk divider for thin cords and small cables.

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    • Printed & delivered within 96h after design approval (if ordered before 18h)

AcousticPro® dividers