Freestanding banner frame

  • Freestanding banner frame in 8 sizes
  • Made of aluminium tubes
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Solid frame, easy to assemble
  • You can order just the cloth, just the frame, or the whole set
  • With or without stormfix


The freestanding banner frame is the perfect base for products that can be placed freestanding in a meadow or during the renovation of a building or home. The tough, industrial look, solid construction and easy assembly make the freestanding banner frames the ideal choice to proclaim your message, even in less obvious locations. You can choose from a square or rectangular shape. Use the configurator to choose from the 8 most frequently ordered formats.

Made of aluminium tubes
The frame is made of aluminium and is therefore sturdy and easy to anchor in meadows or yards. The banner is easily fixed to the frame with elastic stretchers. This way, the banner can take a beating even in the wind and your message will remain visible 24/24-7/7.

Choice of different materials
Different materials are available for the cloth itself viz: Banner 510, ProPES Outdoor, Banner 610 and Mesh fabric.
Do you prefer to receive only the frame? That's possible too, order this product without the canvas.

The Stormfix finish
If you choose the Stormfix finish, the fabric is 5 cm smaller than the frame all around. You can order Stormfix tensioners separately. If you order a fabric with a hem and ring finish, the fabric will be 10 cm smaller than the frame on all sides. You can order tensioners (with spider hooks) or rubber rings (with S-hooks for fixing) separately.

Choose the look that fits
For walls and partitions you have the choice of rectangular or square banner frame where you can determine your own format, but you can also opt for a round banner frame (rather for events because of its catchy format), or the outdoor textile frame or the blind banner frame. Plenty of choice...

Tip 1: Only for this product do you have the option to choose the 'stormfix' option in the configurator - this means that the fabric gets hems and rings for Stormfix tensioners every 30 cm. There are also two rings on the corners instead of one ring with our other product. banner.
Tip 2: The printing prices are also a bit cheaper with this configurator because we work with fixed formats - so if you only need a fabric in a fixed format, this is the place to be!
blind bannerframe_1080px.png

Freestanding banner frame