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Our fabric collection

If you are a DIY-er and would like to print one of our 20,000 MOTILOW patterns on fabric, with a choice of 5 fabrics, look no further.

If you are a company that is creative in decorating trade show booths or offices, you can opt for Motiflow , but.... we can also help you create a pattern with your company logo or a composition with your products. Contact us for 'special requests' via the contact form or via the chat module: we will gladly assist you creatively in working out your concept.

Printing from 1 piece or 1 m2

Ordering is possible from as little as one m2. Useful to test, approve and incorporate into your own design or design or to use for a DIY project.

The prints of the Alpha-Durst printer are higher in resolution than those of other textile printers and discolor less quickly. After printing, the fabrics are put in an oven at 150 degrees to fix the inks. Additional advantage: washing, ironing and drying are no problem.

Not only do we use ecological inks, but the print on demand process uses hardly any water, no surpluses are printed and printing is odorless. This is how we at Marketing Shelfie do our part - by printing, producing and shipping ecologically. This is the principle of "print on demand" - we use what we need.

The different fabrics

You have a choice of 5 textiles, divided into 2 types of cotton and 3 different polyester fabrics. All our fabrics are of Italian manufacture.

COTTON: available in two varieties, Percal or Satin.
* Percal: a finely woven cotton type that is very popular as a decorative pillow or comforter cover - matte look.
Pro Cotton Percal (Cotton Percal 130 gr./m2) is a luxurious fabric and has a soft look, but without the sheen of Pro Cotton Satin. The difference with "normal" cotton is the number of threads, the thread count, used. Pro Cotton Percal has a higher thread count and finer yarn. As a result, it feels softer, smoother and more pleasing to the touch.
* Satin: a finely woven type of cotton - satin look.
Pro Cotton Satin (Cotton Satin 100 gr./m2) has the fine properties of Cotton: it breathes and is moisture absorbent.

MEZO cotton: tough and modern
Mezo (Cotton Panama 420 gr./m2) is a dense fabric with tough and natural weave structure and is made from sustainably produced cotton (BCI), and is "printed" with water-based pigment inks, by far our most ecological and organic option. This fabric can be washed and ironed at low temperature (cannot go in the dryer!). Matte and tough look - totally bad ass.

KENDAL: a polyester fabric with a cotton look
Kendal (Twill 210 gr./m2) is a polyester fabric in a twill or twill weave. This is a strong, yet subtle binding with a clear diagonal line and a tough look and feel.

SAVA: For a maximum light experience
Sava FR (Voile 50 gr./m²) is a supple, thin mesh polyester fabric with very fine weave structure and of high quality. This fabric has a beautiful print through after printing. Both on the front and back, the design is vibrant and the colors give an intense experience. For a maximum light experience
Do you have an extra high ceiling? No problem, the fabric is rotatable, we can go up to a runway width of 295 cm.

SORENTO: Curtain fabric made of polyester with a slightly shiny appearance.
Sorento FR (Batiste 85 gr./m²) is a supple fabric with a fine weave structure. The material is ideally suited as an inbetween. Sorento FR is a fine-grained fabric in a flat weave. This combination creates a semi-translucent effect.

An overview

Basic MaterialCottonCottonPolyesterPolyesterPolyester
Print technologyWater-based pigment inkWater-based pigment inkWater-based pigment inkSublimation transfer printing technique Sublimation transfer printing technique
Weight130 | 100 gr/m2420 gr/m2210 gr/m50gr/m2Batiste 85 gr./m²
Print width284 cm | 294 cm272 cm292 cm x 20 metersup to 294 cm x 20 metersup to 294 cm x 20 meters
Unique featurematte | glossy appearancecoarse weavecotton looktransparent appearancefine weave
Indoor and/or outdoorindoorindoorindoorindoorindoor
Fire Certificate///100% permanent flame retardantFire retardant, therefore suitable for public areas

Odd kids on the block - worth mentioning

PROPES OUTDOOR: Our most popular OUTDOOR fabric is ProPES Outdoor. This is a unique polyester fabric with a water-repellent coating. This makes the material super popular as a banner, garden poster, beanbag, outdoor cushion or tablecloth, for example. 

VELVET - COMING SOON: This is the luxury horse of the collection. High-quality fabric with a low pile, making it velvety soft to the touch. With a unique sheen for a luxurious feel. Again printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks for beautiful color contrasts. This material can be washed at 40°. Available soon.

Several realizations...

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